Tuesday, 24 January 2017

#NewsoftheDay 24 January 2017 - Rights in Russia

 24 January 2017 - Russian Constitutional Court Hears Dadin's Challenge To Protest Law / Dispute Over St. Petersburg Cathedral Takes Anti-Semitic Turn / Russian Education Minister Defends Muslim Headscarf Ban / Journalist faces mandatory 5-year sentence for saying Russia should leave Crimea / Putin’s “Personal Army” to crush dissent with special electric shock batons / Life sentencing in Russia is not discriminatory – ECtHR / Russian Supreme Court upholds sentence for justifying terrorism online / Human rights group Memorial's appeal against $5,000 fine set for March 10 / Russian Court Rejects Navalny Team's Motion To Replace Judge / "Kommersant": ICRF refuses to initiate case on election frauds in Dagestan  

24 January 2017 - Rights in Russia

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