Tuesday, 20 December 2016

#NewsoftheDay 20 December 2016 - Rights in Russia

#NewsoftheDay 20 December 2016 - Russian Activist Alekseyeva Says NTV Interviewed Her Under False Pretenses / Russian Factory Abandons Condom Plans After Orthodox Protests / Austrian Far-Right Party Signs Cooperation Pact With United Russia / Federal Police Raid Russian Classroom and Arrest High Schooler for Online Extremism / Russian prison staff on trial after 16-year-old Ukrainian tortured to death / Rustam Aptaev detained in Ali-Yurt subjected to torture, his defenders assert / Educators Respond to Plans to Expand Orthodox Education in Russian Schools / Social network group admin charged with pushing teens to suicide to undergo sanity exam #RightsinRussia 20 December 2016 - Rights in Russia

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